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DSiWare download for your Nintendo DSi

Experience Color Cross™ in a whole new way! Now enjoy Animal Color Cross on the go on your DSi.
In Animal Color Cross, solve graphic puzzles by recreating pictures of animals thanks to the numbers shown on both sides of the grid.

Travel across 5 continents to look for their emblematic animals.
Will you manage to find them all?

How to download:


In order to connect to Nintendo DSi Shop, you will need a broadband Internet connection. The first time you connect, you will need to agree to the terms of the user agreement in order to access Nintendo DSi Shop.


Purchase a Nintendo Points Card™ at your local retailer, and then enter the unique number on the back of the card in the Nintendo DSi Shop application to redeem for Nintendo DSi Points. You can also purchase Points with a credit card right from the Nintendo DSi Shop.


Once you have Nintendo DSi Points in your account, choose “Find Titles” and enter Animal Color Cross.

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